Discovering Abruzzo cuisine in a restaurant between Marche and Abruzzo.

Among the appetizers you will find the classic cured meats and cheeses, mixed bruschettas, and traditional fried cheese.

For lovers of first courses: our excellent "chitarra alla teramana", homemade egg pasta, meunière with mixed forest (on reservation: timbales, cannelloni and pappardelle with duck sauce).

To continue, grilled meat as a second course (on reservation: lamb stew, Callara-style sheep, Nereto-style goat, baked lamb, Abruzzo arrosticini).

To sweeten the most greedy palates, you can find our delicious homemade Teramo cake as dessert (on reservation: tiramisu, fruit cake, panna cotta, millefeuille).


Abruzzo timbale
Chitarra alla teramana
Roasted lamb with potatoes
Mixed grill
Lamb stew with peppers